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Water Proofing Liquids & Accessories< Waterproofing Materials
BITUKOTE BITUMEN PAINT (EMULSION) is produced with selected high quality bitumen and is viscous, nonflammable and non toxic. The Bitumen Paint (Emulsion) can be mixed with cement, sand and other filling materials.
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Roofbond Plastic Roof Cement is a high grade mastic composed of asphalt and fiber. The material is a soft, pliable mastic that gradually hardens to a coating i.e elastic, durable and resistant to water.

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ROOFKOTE is a cold applied liquid specially formulated with selected resin, tackifying agents, fillers, additives, stabilizers and gelling agents. ROOKOTE when dried will form a tough and elastic membrane.

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Roof flex

ROOFFLEX a cold applied liquid specially formulated with polymer modified elastomeric rubber, selected grades of asphalt water repelling fillers, minerals, stabilizers and gelling agents. PROOFFLEX when dried will form a tough and elastic membrane.

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Bituminous emulsion providing excellent adhesion on various substrates like concrete, cement screeds, metal, wood etc. and resistance to acid and alkali solutions.

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Fiber glass mesh

100 cm wide mesh made of fibreglass, for total reinforcing of waterproofing layers (e.g. ISOFLEX membrane) in tough cases of multiple cracking. Weight: approx. 65g/m2. Mesh: 1mm x 2mm.

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Fiberglass tissue of 50 g/m2. Used for the reinforcing of waterproofing layers such as ISOFLEX, ISOFLEX-T25, ISOFLEX-PU etc

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