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Joint Sealants, Covers & Accessories< Waterproofing Materials

Bituminous sealing mastic with excellent adhesion ability and great elasticity even at very low temperatures.

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ELASTOTAN is an one component, elastomeric adhesive sealant, providing:
• Resistance to temperature fluctuations from -50?C to +150?C.
• Excellent bonding to any kind of building material.
• Great endurance to ageing and weather

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DOMOSIL-S is a mildew-resistant silicone for highly demanding jobs, providing:
• High mechanical resistance.
• Resistance to temperature fluctuations from -60?C to +220?C.
• Excellent bonding to any kind of non porous building material.

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One-component, elastomeric adhesive and sealant, based on hybrid polymeric resins.
* Resistance to temperature fluctuations from -400C to +900C.
* Excellent bonding to any kind of building material.
* High elasticity.

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SIBAX LS-66 Thermal Silicone is heat-resisting, quickly curing, elastic and asetoxy based insulating compound, proper for special purposes.

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SIBAX LS-44 Acrylic mastic is a one component, with high polymer proportion, acrylic based sealant.

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A multi-purposive, with high quality, used with its application hose nuzzle, one component polyurethane foam,. It is cured by absorbing moisture in the air and has excellent specialties.

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Polyseal PS is a two component, low modulus, chemically curing polysulphide joint sealant developed specifically for dynamic joints. It is based on a liquid polysulphide polymer which when mixed with the hardener, cures to form a tough rubber like seal.

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Jolly Board
Jolly Bitulex is processed by Jolly Board Ltd; pioneers of soft board manufacture in Asia. Jolly Board has been manufacturing and exporting quality bitumen impregnated expansion joint fillers for the past 40 years. Jolly Board Ltd, is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company. (Head office in Mumbai, Factories at Aurangabad & Sangli)
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Cellrod is a closed cell polyethylene foam cord, non-absorbent and rot proof. Cellrod holds in position between both sides of the joint to help with tooling of the sealant and improve sealant contact with joint side to facilitate good adhesion.

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  Joint Covers
Aluminium Covers

Extruded Aluminum Cover Designed to protect and conceal expansion joints in civil engineering structures

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Aluminium Covers for construction Joint & Epansion Joint

SpEC Coverjoint sections are a range of extruded aluminium joint cover strips designed for use in internal and external situations where a neat and long lasting finish is required for expansion joints in floors, walls, ceilings, beam soffits and corners.

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Architectural Expansion Joint Systems

Ideal combination with ceramic tile, marble, stone, vinyl tile and carpet finishes .Fully integrated seamless floor, wall and ceiling system. Easy to clean flush seals with no dirt traps. Snap-fit design for easy onsite assembly. Mill finish aluminium. Load rated.

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Sealant Gun

Sealant Gun

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